Providence in Breast Milk

This month is World Breast Feeding Month. In honor of this most important part of life I have a wonderful story to share!
I have always been blessed with a copious supply of breast milk. I am talking huge supply, easily enough to feed three or four babies instead of just the one that I usually birth at a time. This has led me to have a huge stock of frozen milk in my freezer that takes up quite a bit of room. When I had my third son I was so overrun by supply that I knew we had to get rid of some of it. I filled out the application for the local hospital to be a donor but they never called me back! So I started looking at other options. I knew that a couple in our church was in the process of adopting a child but I didn’t really know them that well. Turns out just being an acquaintance didn’t stop me from cold calling them one day to offer breast milk, if they wanted it (kind of an awkward thing to offer). I am so glad I called! She was just at crunchy as I was and was so excited to be able to give this to their baby. Their daughter was born premature and was having a hard time with the formula in the NICU, once she switched to breast milk she didn’t have the issues with reflux and was thriving! So exciting!

Fast forward to my most recent child. Once again my freezer is full and I was telling my husband we are at the point that we need to do something with the extra milk we have stored. I was praying that God would send us a family that could really use this precious gift. Some friends of ours here were talking to my husband the subject came up. Their sister and her husband are adopting a baby girl in September and would be so blessed by having breast milk to feed her.

So God has put two families in our path both who have adopted, both have baby girls and both of those babies are born in the same state! I just know that God is so good and I am so excited to be able to be a small part in the lives of these families.


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  1. Ashley,
    I am so blessed by this story! It really is a Providence isn’t it? It would normally be very difficult to find a family to take beast milk, but apparently the Lord has seen fit to bless both these adoptive families and you as well. Just like our Lord 🙂 I sense you are a wonderful Mother. May you and your whole family be filled with grace, peace, and joy this week~!


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