Obligatory New Year’s Post for 2012!

I feel like I need to have a specific post to ring in my blogging new year even though I don’t really see January 1st as any different from any other day (other than it takes me forever to remember to write the new year on my checks!). I don’t really make resolutions so much as goals for things I want to accomplish. I am already a list maker by nature and goals fit perfectly in the broader scale of the year. So here is a look forward to some of the goals I have for 2012.

1. Try to create a new post for my blog once a week. Of course this is effective immediately and not from the first of the year (or else I would already be one post behind!). I don’t know if this goal is going to back me into the corner of forced creativity but my husband sure thinks I have too much too say so he will probably be happy if I can vent some of it into print form (that way he has the option to actually read it, wait, he already takes the option to listen or not….hmmm).

2. I am going to try to enjoy my kids more. Who doesn’t want to do this? Not enjoying your kids can be such a bummer. What with all the yelling and whining. I think that enjoying your children is a practiced art because mostly what we do with children revolves around the daily grind of taking care of their needs which can definitely be a drag on the fun scale. It’s better to work on finding joy, for sure.

3. I am going to read through my bible in the year. Although, I have read a substantial portion of this book doing complete read through will insure that I touch on all the more obscure passages that I may have missed in the past. More than just a to-do on my list I am reading it prayerfully that the Lord will keep my growing in Him and the knowledge of His Word, not just to “know” it but to apply it in my life.

4. I am also going to finish reading the BBC’s Top 100 Book List. I only have 36 books left to read which is about 3 per month (I hope there are some short ones on the list still).

5. I am going to complete my second triathlon. Why? Just because….and because I feel pretty amazing when it’s over. A lot like having all my babies completely drug free, pushing my body to do physical things outside my comfort zone makes me feel like I can do anything. I am not even talking about Iron Man lengths here, just a sprint through the swim, bike and run, a mere 15 or 20 miles. You should try it!

I guess since I don’t smoke and I am pretty happy with my weight I can skip those cliches (I probably could drink more, it might chill me out a little. Just kidding….kind of !) So here we go! Posted to the internet, no excuses now. Happy New Year!


One response to this post.

  1. LOL, you cracked me up with the drinking more to chill more.


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