That is not chocolate!

This is not a new story, alot of you have heard it before, but it is probably one of my best stories (although my brother cannot believe that I actually tell people!)

It was this time of year, when my oldest child was just about 15 months old, and I was sitting one evening writing a research paper. He comes up to me holding a fun-sized Snickers candy requesting that I open it for him. I oblige, giving him the candy, which he then takes right around the corner to the other room. Not 5 seconds later he comes back to me holding the slobbery candy in his hand and gives it back to me, apparently he had changed his mind. I eat said candy, slobber from my own child doesn’t bother me too much. Another 10 seconds pass, I am just finishing the candy, when he comes back into the room holding out his hands which are covered in melted chocolate. I get up to take him to the bathroom to wash his hands but not wanting to get any chocolate on my shirt I quickly lick the majority of the mess off of his fingers and that is when things went wrong.

My mouth immediately revolts against any inclination to swallow and I say, in a horrified voice, “That is not chocolate!”

My husband, glancing around the room to see what our child has gotten into, says, “What is it?”

By this time my child is kind of upset by our reactions and has begun to cry. I answer my husband, “I don’t know what it is but it is not chocolate!”

My son, through his tears, gives us some clarification,  “It’s poopy!”

I had never heard my husband laugh so hard and I have never run faster to get to a sink to wash out my mouth. It has been about 4 years since that incident and even though I think I should receive something tangible for my experience I do still employ the valuable wisdom gained: I never eat anything from my child’s hand that has, even for one second, left my line of sight. Nothing! Advice I wish I hadn’t learned the hard way….


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  1. Definitely a classic!


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