BBC Top 100

The list has been circulating awhile now so you may have seen this before but the BBC has put out their list of the top 100 books. They estimate that most people have only read six of these. When I first took the test I had read 42. Now I am about to complete book 60, which happens to be Moby Dick (I know more about whales and whaling than I ever thought I would). My goal is to read every book on the list. I thought I could do it by the end of the year but I still have some big ones to get through so I don’t know how that plan is going to work out.

For those who are interested, here is the list: BBC Top 100

There is also a list that is circulating on Facebook and there are a few discrepencies between that one and the one I listed above. Since I started with the list from FB I have decided to go ahead and complete it and then read the few books that are different from the BBC website.

I know the Modern Library has also put out a list. I want to finish both the board and the reader’s choice but I might have to read some fluff after being committed to the BBC….

Here is the link for the Modern Library’s two lists: MLA 100 Best


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